The Greater Give; Everyday Philanthropist

Seventy percent of Americans do not itemize their taxes—new tax laws could cause that number to rise to 95% and result in charitable giving decreasing by $16 to $24 billion every year.

The Everyday Philanthropist Act would allow everyday, working Americans to receive tax deductions for their charitable giving, allowing everyone to give to causes important to them—like yours.

The Act would allow employees to establish Flexible Giving Accounts (FGAs) with their employers: Employees would deposit a portion of their paycheck into the account to be donated to the nonprofit of their choice. The deposits would be tax-free, lowering the employees’ taxable income. This would make giving generously a possibility for many more Americans—and help combat the potential annual $24 billion decrease in charitable giving.

Community Health Charities exists to empower people to take action to improve health and wellbeing. The current tax law only encourages taxpayers at a certain income level to give back—the Everyday Philanthropy Act would empower everyday, working Americans, regardless of income level, to give back.

We are taking a lead role, by working with The Greater Give (TGG) to raise awareness and build momentum in support of the Act. Community Health Charities encourages you to join us:

  1. Visit the website of The Greater Give and hit the ACT NOW button.
  2. Allow The Greater Give to use your organization’s name as a public supporter of the Act in conversations with lawmakers, stakeholders and the media.
  3. Follow the social media of The Greater Give Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn—and SHARE their posts from your social channels
  4. Create original social media posts supporting the Everyday Philanthropist Act and SHARE from your account—please use the hashtag: #EverydayPhilanthropist
  5. Help recruit other charitable organizations, corporations and stakeholders. Let TGG know if anyone wishes to add their name and voice to the effort